Extracurricular Activities

As you may already know, the success of the eLearning  Academy method is based on self-paced, guided independent learning. But children need more. They need time to gather with friends, to share stories and to show their work among peers. To support this important component of development, the eLearning Foundation sponsors a wide variety of extracurricular activities including,

· Field trips to museums, theatrical productions, parks and more

· Science and social studies fairs with winners advancing to regional and state competitions

· Fine arts and music programs

· Other programs as deemed beneficial to the growing community of home schooled students and the general public



Organized athletics are an important part of the growth and development of the young mind and body. Lessons learned include an understanding that success comes through effort and that accomplishment is often done through others. The eLearning Foundation sponsors the formation of competitive teams with participation in home school leagues within the region. Current sports include boys baseball, swim team, and cross-country, with other sports planned for the near future.


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